ACTOR: Forcibly finishing the run (TIMED-OUT)


I am having this problem since the website I am scraping has two iframe, the menu frame and the main frame. the menu frame has the list of pages that will load on the main frame. what i do is clicking every link in the list and then wait for the main frame to load and scrape it. but when I upload it on apify Im getting this error:ACTOR: Forcibly finishing the run (TIMED-OUT).
This is just taking 5 minutes duration


I have a long list, maybe 3000 records.


Hi, on your actor’s page, go to Settings (at the top where other tabs like Console, Source, Runs… are) and there, under Default run options, increase the Timeout to suit your needs, or use 0 to disable the timeout altogether. This is not optimal though, because an error in your code might then keep the actor running forever and consume your compute units. So I suggest using some reasonable timeout, like twice what it would normally take to run.


Riceviamo da apify




Thank you mnmkg