Actors source code disappeared?!

Hi. I’m trialing a few web scraping technologies and APIFY is among the more promising. I created my first run webscraper a couple of weeks ago. It didn’t fully do what I needed it to (submitting buttons with specific form choices in a page) so Iwas advised that there will soon be a new version. So I gave it some time and logged back in today. Only to find that my source code is nowhere to be found. It’s ok if the runs are discarded after 7 days, but is the source code also cleared? Would appreciate any pointers on where I can find my code. Thanks.

Hi there, this must be some bug or some other issue, we never delete source code or configuration settings. Please, can you contact and send us a link to the actor or task where you lost the code? Have you tried reloading the page? In any case, I hope we’ll be able to recover the code.