All table data shows up as one line in Zapier


I am very new to this. I am having an issue whereby despite the fact that data is showing perfectly in a table when I run my code in Apify, when I use Zapier, the data is getting exported as all one line.

Here is my code:

function pageFunction(context) {
// called on every page the crawler visits, use it to extract data from it
var $ = context.jQuery;
var result = [];
$(".listText").each( function() {
name : $(this).find(".listTitle").text(),
url : $(this).find(".listTitle").attr(“href”),
return result;

PS - A potential workaround I’ve thought of is to use the Zapier Formatter action and telling zapier to split text up wherever there is a comma. The problem with this is that I have commas in multiple places in my data (on purpose). I’d love to even just display a “;” or something to denote the end of a specific row’s data but I can’t even figure out how to do that.

Thank you!

Hi, I suppose the problem is that some Zapier apps don’t support arrays. In their doc, you can see "We only have really limited support for arrays right now, so only certain apps and certain triggers and actions have this functionality."
Which app are you using for action? You can also use Actor instead (we’d love to help you with that).

I am trying out the simple apify zapier example and discovered the same issue, where the dataset listed as long comma separated string entries. I tried separating each entry using the zapier utility formatter but that did not work either.

My workflows revolve around Apify to Zapier so I need to know if there’s a solution to this… otherwise, the system is nearly useless.

Hi @Bill_Sewell,

It is hard to work with arrays in Zapier. Just a few apps in Zapier work with arrays on input. One example is the Google Sheets app. You can easily work there with an array of results and import them to spreadsheet. You can check the tutorial how it works.

Can you tell me which app you want to integrate with Apify? Maybe we will find a better solution.