Clickable Elements Are Not Getting Clicked


My code (simplified version below) is scanning a series of pages and finding the 48 clickable links that I want it to find, but it’s not clicking them and going to the underlying page where the data I need it. Any ideas what I’m missing?

When I hit the page I want directly, everything works fine. Any ideas what I’m missing?? Thanks

`function pageFunction(context) {
    var $ = context.jQuery;
    var results = [];
   if (context.request.label==='START') {
        for(var i=2; i<6; i++) {
            context.enqueuePage({ url: '' + i , label: 'P' });

var tabs = document.querySelector('#tabs');
if (tabs) {
    return {
        model: $('#product-specifications > tbody:nth-child(1) > tr:nth-child(1) > td:nth-child(2)').text()
return null;



solved. Highly recommend checking out the verbose logs! Super super helpful