Crawler-to-spreadsheet act parsing error



I am trying to use @Marek_Trunkat 's act to send crawler results to google sheets but I keep getting a parsing error with the data part of the input. I have tried everything and I can’t put my finger at what I’m doing wrong. Has anyone tried it? Can any of you you please share with me what format I should use when entering the data?

My best guess is that I am writing the private key wrong or I failed to scape a character. I see from Marek’s example that you should scape both the " and the \n. Is there anything else I might be missing?

Thanks so much in advance!


Hi Sandra,

I checked how you use the act and the error is different in both case:

  1. When act is executed as finish webhook of crawler then the error is “HTTP error 403 (Forbidden)”. Did you share the spreadsheet with your google console account?

  2. If you run it manually from act console then you must double escape new lines in “data”. Replace “\n” with “\\n”



Yes, those 2 things were the problem! It is working now. Thank you so much! Is there a way of replacing all the content instead of adding new lines? Or maybe adding only new entries?



It should be adding only new entries if you have a column called “hash” in your spreadsheet. This column will contain a hash computed from values of that row and will be used to identify new entries. Do you have this column?



I have added it now! I did not understand what a “hash column” was in the documentation, now I see it is just writing “hash” on a cell. :smile:

It is working perfectly now. Thanks for your help!!!