Debuging Act localy with Chrome DevTools


Hello guys,

in your documentation there are descriptions to run an act locally. On the other hand there are ways to debug node.js code with the chrome DevTools, using --inspect-brk flag.

Is it possible to run acts with using --inspect-brk option, so that I can use a debugger?

According doc Apify-CLI doesen’t support this option. It sounds that there is an way to run acts as a node.js app to use the option, but there is no description how. As a programming dummy I am adicted to debuggers.



Hey @wkeupp,

sorry but using flags like --inspect-brk is not possible now in apify run. I created issue for that in apify-cli repo.

But this should work for you now as workaround before we’ll fix this issue.
APIFY_DEFAULT_KEY_VALUE_STORE_ID=default APIFY_LOCAL_EMULATION_DIR=apify_local node main.js --inspect-brk

Jakub D.