Getting error in example crawler from library


Hi, I copied over the example, “Google search places - popular times” but its giving me an error after run it.
Does anybody from Apify know how to fix it and/or what I’m doing wrong (ran as given)?
An exception occurred while processing the web page: CrawlerError: The page couldn’t be opened (status: fail, url:, lastResourceError: {“errorCode”:5,“errorString”:“Operation canceled”,“id”:1,“status”:200,“statusText”:“OK”,“url”:“”}, lastResourceTimeoutResponse: null)


Hi @luciano.oviedo,

it looks your proxy is banned on Google.
Which proxy/proxy group did you use for scraping Google?

Google is tricky in this case because it blocked IPs so ofter. We provide some proxies on all our business plans, but for Google, you probably need more proxies. You can contact us in app chat and we can provide you specific proxy IPs for Google.



Thanks Jakub.
I tried all the proxies available on advanced tab (none, apify proxy auto and selected).
Would any of the adv tab options help?
I will ping you on app chat - where/what is that? :wink:


You can find live chat in apify app in right bottom corner.
Contact us and we’ll recommend to you proxy to use.