Getting latest data set from task


I have recently needed to move from a crawler to a cheerio actor and I am having problems getting the data out.

With the crawlers I could use lastexec in the url to get the latest dataset however I can’t see this option. Is there any way to get the latest data set in json with a static URL?


Hi there,

this feature is definitely planned and will be released in a near future but unfortunately I can’t currently give you an exact date. We will let you know here in discussion once it’s deployed.

Possible workaround (with some overhead) could be:

  • either to have another actor started after the cheerio crawler that would copy the data into a named dataset that has fix URL.
  • or to have another actor that will find the last run, download it’s data and return them on output. This actor could be used as synchronous API but the number of items returned would be limited.



Hello again!

I have good news, we have prioritised this request as there are more people waiting for it and it has been just deployed to production.

Check docs:

The endpoint you want is now available at:


Let me know if you have any questions.


Brilliant! Will check it out now, thanks.