Keyword based Crawler for


works perfectly! Thanks


OK I spoke too soon.

I only returns the first page unlike the original which returns all results


Hello @Jonathan_Gillmor,
Thanks a lot for your check.
Have you tried the new version of the actor to extract items from the Amazon?
Check out this actor from the library and let me know.


is there any way to run the actor with service? As I’m getting blocked with apify and an option to add my proxycrawl token in the actor would be great, can someone add it? I’m not good at coding, thanks!


Hello @diggy_volatin,
Thanks for your post.
Which configuration do you use?
You don’t need to use the, we have our own proxy that we are using to crawl Amazon without any issue but you need to subscribe at least to the smallest package to get access to a bigger pool of proxies.
Let me know if you would have any kind of question.