SOLVED: Revisit a specific url on each actor run


I would like to scrap articles from

This is the main url on which all articles are listed. Each article url matches this format:[.*]

So I would like the actor to revisit the “Base-Url” on each run to check if there are any new subpages. But for my understanding after visiting for the first time. The actor puts the url into “visited” and won’t revisit until I clear the requestQueue?


I think I have found a solution to my problem:

const startRequestId = js_sha256.sha256(new Date().toISOString());
log.debug("startRequestId: " + startRequestId);

const startRequest = new Apify.Request({ url: '',                                             
                                         uniqueKey: startRequestId });    

await requestQueue.addRequest(startRequest, { id:  startRequestId }); 

I generate an unique_id by calling a hashfunction on the current date. This makes sure that the same URL gets a different id on each actor run and is added to the requestQueue.