Trouble Crawling website with a combo box


Hi Everybody,

I’m trying to crawl a website that fills a table with the data I need depending on the selection on a Combo box. The default selection doesn’t give me any data and I can’t figure how to change the selection and then make it impact on the table in order to fill it, all of this before start crawling.
So far the only working thing I have is being able to change the selection doing document.getElementById(“j_id0:j_id2:j_id29:j_id30:j_id52:case-filter”).selectedIndex = 1
but after that the table doesn’t load like it does manually.

If anybody could give me a hint I would appreciate it.



Hi @Victoria,

it is hard to help without URL or HTML snippet.

In some case you can user $(‘selector’).val(‘your_value’) for selecting value from combo box.
But it depends, how a site implement combo box.